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Fairy Grove Farm

Where pets are family and livestock is a livelihood

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E-mail: lorrainna@fairygrovefarm.com

Our Goats

We like the idea of raising our own food, in order to better control over any growth hormones and other chemicals that could be a part of an animalís diet.†† Goats appealed to us because of their size, and they have the lowest fat content of any of the red meat animals.† While sheep are the same size, we wanted an animal with a bit more personality.† We have learned a lot from our goats.† The most important thing being, even if you think you have managed to create a goat proof environment, you havenít.†† These incredibly curious animals have a way of finding trouble in ways we never imagined.† Of course, our animals are a bit spoiled.†


We started our goat adventure working with† Copper Penny Ranch in Athol Idaho.† With Copper Pennyís mentoring, we have a strong quality meat goat stock.

On September 11, 2010, our goats will be making their show debut at the Spokane Interstate Fair.††



South African Boer

Our philosophy

Ellery, a wether.† He was one of our first three goats.† Thanks to him, we were hooked!

Copper Penny Chunky Punkin and daughter Constance.† True to her name Constance is constantly finding ways to amuse and entertain us.

We are members of the US Boer Goat Association.