Fairy Grove Farm

Where pets are family and livestock is a livelihood

About Us

We moved from the Denver area, where we were at the heart of the city.  We wanted a more rural home.  We looked in Colorado, but were unable to find anything in our price range.  Friends suggested we look in the Pacific Northwest.  A for-sale-by-owner ad grabbed our attention, and we discovered this beautiful property.



Our goats had been at the farm for a couple days and we were out exploring some of the rocks.

We purchased, what was to become Fairy Grove Farm,  in 2003 and have loved living here from the day we moved.  At that time, we had two dogs, two cats, and two guinea pigs.  

Goats moved in the summer of 2006. Knowing our herd would grow, we also added two llamas as herd protectors.   Our goat herd is now 21 girls and 2 bucks strong,

We have pasture and timber.  Nestled snuggly in the trees, is a magical grove which inspired our name, Fairy Grove Farm.